What Airbnb Means for Real Estate Law

Airbnb, a company that enables homeowners to rent out all or part of their homes to travelers, has been fighting a lot of legal battles recently. The company has benefitted both vacationers looking for cheaper accommodations, and homeowners hoping to earn some extra cash. But many cities have laws against rentals such as the ones made possible through Airbnb, and as a result many of the homes available on Airbnb are there illegally.

What is Contract of Sale?

When a house is sold, it enters into a contract of sale, which acts as the legal agreement between two parties concerning the terms of purchase of transfer of real estate property.

Affordable New York Housing

Many people who live in New York City will tell visitors that housing situations can be hectic -- mostly because high prices of real estate are such a barrier. However, My Micro NY may be one resolution for this issue, since living units are being constructed with the...