Tal Rappleyea is a real estate and municipal lawyer based in New York state. This blog was originally posted on Tal’s website here

It’s important for all construction projects to have written contracts — no matter the type of job it is. By having a document that is easy to read, one can avoid legal costs and unexpected headaches. Contractors and subcontractors should pay special attention to these tips.

Avoid repetitive phrases.
The use of redundant phrases is ineffective and simply takes up time and space. Nonetheless, it creates a very unprofessional image. Where repetitiveness takes place, it opens the door for a slippery slope. Documents like this are also likely to contain vague statements and inconsistent messages. Lastly, it may generate confusion which can lead to damaging risks down the line.

Stay away from inconsistencies.
An inconsistent contract renders meaningless information. If an issue occurs, it will be impossible to reference to document for proper protocol. A situation such as this can result in involving a court to come to a resolution.

Place similar sections together.
This strategy makes for easier reading. A document where similar items are scattered will be harder to edit, as well.

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