For those with a passion for real estate and an interest in the law, a career in real estate law is most ideal. Many of the legal issues they deal with are sales, leasing, and other transfers of real estate and property. To become a real estate attorney, there are certain requirements one must accomplish:


To be a real estate attorney, there are certain levels of education one must possess. For starters, a real estate attorney must earn a bachelor’s degree. Although a particular major is not required to get into law school, however since real estate law practice typically deals with business transactions, majoring in business or economics could be helpful. A pre-law degree is also very helpful because it teaches analytical, oral and communication skills. 

Next, students must take and pass the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). After taking the LSAT, they then go on to earn a Juris Doctor degree. 

Pass the Bar Exam

After accomplishing the education requirements and graduating law school, the bar exam must be taken to become an attorney. The bar exam varies depending on the state and can last for several days of essay and multiple-choice questions. Attorneys may also be required to complete a local bar exam. After the bar exam is passed, they are legally allowed to practice law. 

Becoming a Real Estate Attorney

To become an attorney who practices real estate law, there are many private law firms that solely focus on practicing real estate law. In order to have more opportunities, attorneys can earn a Master of Laws (LLM) in Real Estate and certificates in real estate in addition to Juris Doctor degree. Many of the programs have courses that focus on commercial real estate, real estate in federal tax law, and real estate finance.

A career in real estate law can be a very lucrative path with a mean salary of $133,470. Private law firms focusing on real estate usually require two to three years of experience. To be a successful real estate attorney, it’s important to have strong communication, analytical, and research skills.