Many people earn a law degree to pursue a career as an attorney. However, said education could qualify individuals for jobs in other professions. This brief blog will highlight specific jobs those with law degrees who do not wish to become attorneys might consider pursuing.




Individuals with undergraduate degrees in government, political science, criminal justice or civics, as well as specific law degree specializations might be considered solid candidates for teaching positions, especially at the high school level. In some instances, however, a specific state or school district regulations might mandate that a prospective candidate hold teaching certifications.


Legislative Consultant


Those who have studied the law possess a greater knowledge of said entity than many others. Therefore, individuals possessing law degrees might find employment working as a legislative consultant for various government agencies, companies or non-profit organizations. Said professionals may perform tasks such as interpreting how specific laws pertain to a specific entity’s operations or help said organization formulate provisions compatible with local, state and federal regulations.


Professional Counseling


Individuals possessing law degrees, especially those who might also hold undergraduate certificates in counseling or a mental health field might be employable as counselors. Law school graduates that specialized in divorce or family law may possess instruction on conflict resolution and mediation.




Law degree holders with a background in business law and an undergraduate background in financial subjects like economics are often well-suited for employment at various companies performing numerous different tasks.



Typically, lawyers master the skill of writing clearly and concisely. Such attributes could prove beneficial to a career in journalism. Journalists could be employable at print publications such as newspapers, online news sources, magazines, and media outlets like radio and television. Additionally, law degree holders might enjoy success authoring books and papers on various legal topics.


The Political World


Many lawyers hold undergraduate certification in subjects like government and civics. Those with backgrounds in these topics are viable candidates for any number of positions in various local, state and federal government entities. Moreover, many elected politicians hold law degrees.