When looking to build your career in law, it’s important to seek out a mentor. Not only does this help advance your career to new opportunities, but it can also help improve your knowledge as a lawyer. Whether you’re an experienced lawyer or just getting started in law school, having a mentor can be a great help. Here is how you can find a mentor in law:

Look for Values

In order to find a great mentor, it’s important to first determine what you value. Just because someone graduated from a law school, doesn’t mean that they’ll make a great mentor. First, think about the type of career in law that interests you. Think about whether it’s a small or big firm that interests you, non-profit law, academics, or even real estate law. It’s also important to make sure that your mentor is someone who you admire and see yourself being one day.

Seek Out Connections

A mentor is not going to come out of anywhere without trying or putting for any effort. To find a mentor, it’s imperative that you socialize professionally and seek out opportunities to network. Whether you’re studying law, the best opportunities to do this are hosted by your school. Head to panels, workshops, or speaking events to meet practicing attorneys who are more than likely invested alumni. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can meet your future mentor.

Be Worthy of a Mentor

To find a great mentor, you have to be worthy of one. No one wants to be a mentor to someone who doesn’t care or is willing to put effort into their career. If a mentor gives you advice or presents you with opportunity, it’s important to take it seriously and follow through. When they recognize how serious you are, you will have a better chance of given opportunities to advance your career.