Legal Careers Other than a Lawyer

Law offices are by necessity becoming specialty shops, and with their new roles come the need for all manner of employees, consultants and other legal professionals who are not necessarily attorneys. An appropriately successful law firm can be involved in all kinds of...

Online Accounts as Digital Inheritance and Memento Mori

While contemplating the aftereffects of a person’s death is rarely pleasant. it is important that everyone gets around to having some sort of death plan. One aspect many people fail to consider is handling their online and social media accounts upon departing....

Online Shopping Tax Policy

Many online retailers have been benefiting from the fact that there are no sales taxes on online purchases. This causes an unfair advantage to online retailers due to the customers going to the online competition instead of local businesses. The local businesses do...

What Airbnb Means for Real Estate Law

Airbnb, a company that enables homeowners to rent out all or part of their homes to travelers, has been fighting a lot of legal battles recently. The company has benefitted both vacationers looking for cheaper accommodations, and homeowners hoping to earn some extra cash. But many cities have laws against rentals such as the ones made possible through Airbnb, and as a result many of the homes available on Airbnb are there illegally.

What is Contract of Sale?

When a house is sold, it enters into a contract of sale, which acts as the legal agreement between two parties concerning the terms of purchase of transfer of real estate property.